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Why an Understanding of Intercultural Communication is an Essential Skill in Business

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By Emily Housden, PR Executive. Everyone in business has been involved in an awkward situation before where someone might have taken a step over the line which made you feel uncomfortable, it can be even worse if it is an intercultural miscommunication. Cross-cultural differences in how business is handled can vary hugely from one country to another and so if you are dealing with someone from a different nationality within your business it is essential that you can practise intercultural communication with ease. If you’ve been working within businesses in…read more


Why every business should have a presence on social media

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Social media is here to stay and love it or loathe it on a personal level, the impact it can have on a business should never be underestimated. Claire Fryer from One to Three Marketing Solutions offers her top picks on why businesses need to get social. Brand awareness Never has it been easier to get your brand in front of your audience. No more paying ‘big bucks’ to advertise in a glossy magazine, you can now reach an audience of thousands through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and all…read more



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The truth is non specialist digital marketeers and PR’s needn’t be quaking in their boots just yet as long as they are up to date with how best to promote their clients online.  The marketing community as a whole could still be said to be lethargic at online promotion for small businesses but by additionally focusing on building their clients SEO and social media campaigns they can produce a powerful marketing strategy. Paper Directories – remember them? To reach the masses you really need to look at free listings such…read more