Facebook Vs. Instagram: Why Students Choose Instagram Every Time

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We all have a favourite social media site, it’s the last one we check before we sleep and the first one we check when we wake up. Sad, but true.

Facebook used to be my favourite. I could post meaningless memes, pictures of my friends, share funny pictures, write opinionated statuses… but then my Mum got Facebook. Then my Auntie, and then my Grandpa. And they all wanted to ‘friend’ me.  I don’t have the heart to deny my Grandpa my Facebook friendship and so this meant no more pictures of me at crazy parties, no more liking funny (borderline rude) photos on Facebook and definitely no more opinionated statuses which could come up over a family dinner.

That is why I, and pretty much all other students that I know have turned to Instagram.

Facebook is for adults, 96% of online adults use Facebook as their default social media site*. It’s great that my Grandpa can see what I’m up to while at University and that my Mum’s friends can ‘like’ the pictures from our recent family holiday, but no student wants their family to see everything they post online, myself included.

Instagram started off as an editing tool, to put a filter on that ‘no make-up selfie’ for Facebook. But gradually, all our favourite celebrities, brands and best friends started using Instagram and it became this wondrous new realm where we could post without risking one of our Mum’s embarrassing interventions in the comment section.

Instagram lets students post that picture from pre-drinks without their Mum calling them asking why they went out when they had a lecture the next day. Instagram lets students like funny pictures without anyone getting offended. And Instagram means students can share their sometimes-controversial opinions without it ever coming up over a family dinner.

Instagram took over Twitter’s 280 million global users in 2015 with a whopping 300 million global users, 90% of which are under 35*. No parents allowed.  Or at least most haven’t cottoned on to it. Instagram is set to rule for young people until that time when our parents start getting interested in Instagram and then no doubt we will have to move onto the next social media site.

Instagram’s feed is streamlined and tailored to your particular interests whereas Facebook is increasingly full of clickbait articles, Britain First statuses and 600+ pictures of that girl you haven’t spoken to since school.

As a 20 something we are forever growing and developing into the people we’re going to be, and it’s essential that we have a platform we can express ourselves on without the watchful eye of our family.

All that being said, I still go on Facebook everyday. And most of my friends were last active ten minutes ago.

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By Emily Housden, PR Intern