Why millennials aren’t as bad as everyone says

Posted by in Marketing

Millennials get such a bad rep from the media. Apparently we’re lazy, unproductive, unprofessional and basically downright useless.

But as a millennial, myself, I have to disagree. We’re really not as bad as people say we are. Okay, we do like our work-life balance to have a bit more life than work, and we do tend to flit from one job to the next, but is that really that terrible?

Millennials are disliked by a lot of professionals because we don’t necessarily agree with some of the out-dated rules and regulations, which some companies still enforce. For example, many businesses still enforce the rule of no piercings or tattoos. This rule just can’t be enforced in a world where one in five of the population is tattooed, and one in three of young adults. Kicking up a fuss isn’t about millennials being spoilt or ungrateful, it’s about us asking businesses to adjust to the changing landscape.

We’re also disliked for wanting to enjoy our life. Our parents went straight into work, and work was their life. And that’s what they expect us to do. But they also could buy a house for £18,000 and be considered financially stable enough to have children by the time they were 25. So, we’re just finding new perks to life, ones that don’t include big deposits.

Our passion for life also gives us experience. Employing a millennial that’s been travelling means that they’re not afraid to push themselves out of their comfort zone, which is what businesses need more of. Travelling and meeting new people from across the world also means they’re probably natural networkers who have contacts in all sorts of industries which could benefit your business. Just because we’re not ‘networking’ in a stuffy meeting room eating biscuits in packets, doesn’t mean we’re not networking at all, we just do it differently.

In fact, the most unprofessional moment I’ve ever experienced is when I did an internship at a newspaper and one of the editors (he was over 50) told me, in detail, about his troubles with IBS, on our first meeting. I don’t know anyone my age that would dare bring that subject up with anyone at work, on first meeting. Granted, my experience in the world of work isn’t exactly substantial but I think I know what’s unprofessional when I hear it.

We also can offer great skills to your businesses. We grew up in the age of the Internet. I was writing html on tumblr when I was 12, along with most other millennials. We don’t even have to think about technology before we understand it, you won’t have to send us on a course to understand a new photo editing software, can you say the same about older generations?

Just like you get lazy, unprofessional 50-somethings; you also get lazy, unprofessional millennials. Our ever-so-slightly-different outlook to life doesn’t make us spoilt or useless, it just means we can offer a different outlook, and with the current market becoming increasingly full of millennials, like ourselves, you might just be thankful for our ideas one day.