About us

Kai Communications, Marketing & PR

Kai Communications is made up of a team of associates, headed up by Hazel Scott. (Find out more about Hazel in this article in Milli-on-air magazine. www.joomag.com/mag/0948124001483617796?page=52)

We work with businesses to create and develop their brand identity and messages, and then deliver focused, audience-driven public relations and marketing campaigns.

We have a proven ability to launch new businesses and products, and thrive on finding new opportunities to target our clients' key audiences.

We have extensive experience in creating and executing flawless PR, content and marketing strategy

...in client sectors spanning b2b, consumer, travel, exhibition, charity, events, education, corporate, HR & property.   

You can associate us with:

  • Imaginative thinking to build creative yet practical campaigns
  • Shrewd & decisive communications strategies
  • Flawless media & marketing, digital and offline projects
  • Efficient project management & delivery
  • Effective media relations at every level
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Unrivalled core strategy development
  • Consistent budget management
  • Creative brand development

Other key skills:

  • Original thinking
  • High energy
  • Rapid reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • A partnership-based, collaborative approach
  • Value adder
  • Expert networking