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7 SEO trends to consider for 2017 in simple terms

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– Guest Blog by Lisa Vassallo, One To Three – At a recent marketing mastermind group, I was asked to provide an update on the latest industry SEO news and things to look out for in the year ahead. Here’s what I shared and some points to consider if you are thinking about your website rankings in 2017: 1. HTTPS V HTTP Google and many others want the web to be more secure, which has to be a good thing. This tweet in particular caught our attention: Put simply, Hyper…read more


Why social media is the ultimate tool to use for getting your first job

Posted by in Social Media

By Lauren McNamara, PR Executive. It’s a well-known fact that students and millennials love their social media. From Facebook to Instagram, we’re always logged on. So it’s surprising that not that many of us actually take advantage of this as a business tool. Why not get yourself ahead by making your social media ready so that companies will be fighting to have you work for them. Here’s how to make the best use out of social media if you want it to get you hired: Facebook Did you know that…read more


Why an Understanding of Intercultural Communication is an Essential Skill in Business

Posted by in Networking

By Emily Housden, PR Executive. Everyone in business has been involved in an awkward situation before where someone might have taken a step over the line which made you feel uncomfortable, it can be even worse if it is an intercultural miscommunication. Cross-cultural differences in how business is handled can vary hugely from one country to another and so if you are dealing with someone from a different nationality within your business it is essential that you can practise intercultural communication with ease. If you’ve been working within businesses in…read more



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by Hazel Scott, Director of Kai Communications It is really important to get it right when talking to the media. Saying the wrong thing, forgetting to say what you wanted to say or making a gross mistake could cost you and your business. To follow are some tips to help get you media savvy! BEFORE THE INTERVIEW • Always confirm what subject matter you will specifically be talking about and ensure you have brushed up on your knowledge on this area. • Agree with the producer or journalist the time…read more


Why millennials aren’t as bad as everyone says

Posted by in Marketing

Millennials get such a bad rep from the media. Apparently we’re lazy, unproductive, unprofessional and basically downright useless. But as a millennial, myself, I have to disagree. We’re really not as bad as people say we are. Okay, we do like our work-life balance to have a bit more life than work, and we do tend to flit from one job to the next, but is that really that terrible? Millennials are disliked by a lot of professionals because we don’t necessarily agree with some of the out-dated rules and…read more


Facebook Vs. Instagram: Why Students Choose Instagram Every Time

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We all have a favourite social media site, it’s the last one we check before we sleep and the first one we check when we wake up. Sad, but true. Facebook used to be my favourite. I could post meaningless memes, pictures of my friends, share funny pictures, write opinionated statuses… but then my Mum got Facebook. Then my Auntie, and then my Grandpa. And they all wanted to ‘friend’ me.  I don’t have the heart to deny my Grandpa my Facebook friendship and so this meant no more pictures…read more


Why every business should have a presence on social media

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Social media is here to stay and love it or loathe it on a personal level, the impact it can have on a business should never be underestimated. Claire Fryer from One to Three Marketing Solutions offers her top picks on why businesses need to get social. Brand awareness Never has it been easier to get your brand in front of your audience. No more paying ‘big bucks’ to advertise in a glossy magazine, you can now reach an audience of thousands through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and all…read more