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Apart from the time I received a phone-call where the caller threatened to blow up my client’s office because they weren’t too keen on a theme park being built in their local area, my life as a PR professional for 20 years has been reasonably calm.  By calm I obviously mean an average PR moment in the office is spent with a phone under one ear selling in a story to a busy journalist, whilst writing a press release about the importance of digital mapping, whilst juggling a burning coffee, whilst listening to an important strategy conversation all in any one given moment.  That’s PR for you.  If you can’t multi-task, it may be best if you get out whilst you can.

I recently had to write a short speech about my 20 years in PR – wow that makes me not just sound old, but actually seriously old – and I realised that I had knocked up some pretty interesting stats over the years.

10,000 is the number of pieces of press coverage I obtained for my biggest client ever in one year.
27 is the number of interns I have given work experience to.  (Doing my bit to help the youth of today).
38 is the number of websites I have written copy for.
97 is the number of times I have got my clients on to television
£100,000 is the amount of money I helped fundraise for one client.
3 is number of clients who have asked me to marry them…

Moving on…But is there an art to being a more than satisfactory PR?  Well it helps to be a good writer, someone with both a strategic and creative mind and a good communicator.  But actually the most important tool is the ability to be both proactive and reactive.  Its a fast moving business and being a six ball juggler seriously does help.

By Hazel Scott, Director of Kai Communications Hazel Scott